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Our Vision

Accelerate Inequality

We advocate a bleak feudal future, where choice is governed by Darwinian economics and Bane Capital has a strong hand in choosing the fittest.

Our unflinching commitment to deliver value to our clients without regard for humanity or the less fortunate give us our competitive edge.

Client Testimonials

Here what our clients say about us:

"Bane Capital lent us borrow ungodly sums of money with usury interest to finance an army of child soldiers. Even I was unnerved by their lack of morality."

"Bane Capital swooped in like a vulture imposing their claim to our nation's assets with the barrel of a rifle."

"Bane helped us innovate and create a secondary market for life insurance. For the first time in history, non-living entities (corporate bodies) had an incentive to eliminate living ones."

What's On Your Mind

Remember we are Gotham's reckoning and any defiance or treachery towards our brand of world domination will be met with a punishment that is severe. Our efforts to place Romney it self or himself, if you believe him to be a person and not a corporate controlled sentient stereotype, at the pinnacle of power must be met with unequivocal acceptance and support. To that end we welcome site content suggestions and submissions, which if of high propaganda value will be rewarded handsomely.

Bane Capital